Polyclonal Antibodies for Research

Avianax offers a platform for the rapid production of high titer polyclonal antibodies ready for delivery within 8 weeks.  In our goose model, we produce three different isotypes: IgM, IgA, and most predominentally two forms of IgY (which is the functional equivalent of mammalian IgG but differs structurally.)  A primary difference in the Avianax platform is our unique form of IgY(\(\(∆Fc) which has a truncated Fc region.

Antibody Structure

-The unique truncated form of IgY does not activate mammalian complement nor interact with mammalian Fc receptors.  


-Though IgY is similar in structure to mammalian immunoglobulin, steric flexibility of IgY is less due to a well-defined hinge region and a larger heavy chain constant domain.    


-No engineering needed for "humanization"


-High affinity with potentially different pharmacokinetics


-No despeciation, retains avidity


-Polycolonal nature of the protein allows for recognition of multiple viral targets 

Source Antigen Flexibility

We have successfully produced high titer antibodies directly from DNA, RNA, killed whole pathogen (P. falciparum), recombinant protein, subunit protein, modified live virus, toxin, venom, and peptides as small as 16 residues in length.  


So from a wide variety of sources, we can economically produce antibodies for uses such as in-vivo or in-vitro research, disease biomarkers, diagnostics, etc. 

Production Capability

​Avianax has a one of a kind SPF facility created specifically for goose-based antibody production.  Our flock is composed of a proprietary strain of domestic goose that is highly uniform and capable of large-scale production.  We have worked on custom projects to produce orders from 75 mg to 250,000 mg of purified polyclonal IgY.  The titer levels achieved from our antibodies can be attributed to completely naive immune systems of birds raised in our SPF facility.  This is a major difference from other suppliers. 


Another important part of production is our unique patented purification process that economically removes IgY from highly lipid-rich goose egg yolks.  This is important as our competitors that offer goose or duck IgY purify theirs from serum.  IgY does not bind to Protein A or G, making it very difficult to completely purify IgY from other serum based components.  Thus making egg-derived IgY more desirable from a purity standpoint. 

ghrelin antibody


anti-ghrelin polyclonal, 50% full length IgY/50% ∆Fc IgY, available in quantities of 1-50mg

ghrelin antibody


anti-ghrelin polyclonal, 100% ∆Fc IgY, available in quantities of 1mg-50mg

ghrelin antibody


anti-ghrelin polyclonal, 100% full chain IgY, available in quantities of 1mg-50mg

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