Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. David S. Bradley​, Ph.D.

Dr. Bradley is the Executive Director at the Center of Research for Avian Therapeutics for Infectious Diseases at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences.  As a viral immunologist, he has spent most of the past 30 years studying host immune responses to viral infections, to help identify potential therapeutics and vaccines. He has extensive leadership experience in academia, including former departmental chair, current executive director of the COREATID, and Primary Investigator of a laboratory of 15-20 researchers.  He has collaborated with more than 25 industrial partners, including members of large pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Dr. Gregory A. Poland, M.D.

Dr. Poland is the Director of Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group, investigating issues surrounding vaccine response, vaccine policy and novel vaccines important to public health.  Dr. Poland is a Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases, the Director of the Immunization Clinic and the Director of the Program in Translational Immunovirology and Biodefense at the Mayo Clinic.



James Schiltz

James has more than 30 years’ experience in Goose production, behavior, genetics and implementation of the Avianax Technology into commercial production.  He has been instrumental in the oral application of goose antibodies.

Dr. Tom Overbay, D.V.M
Dr. Overbay is a veterinarian with 28 years’ experience in the animal health industry.  He is especially skilled at the integration of R&D, manufacturing, regulatory, legal, and sales/marketing aspects of product development and commercialization.

Dr. Darin Meulebroeck, D.V.M

Dr. Meulebroeck has been involved in the production of therapeutic goose antibodies with Avianax for several years, providing consultation for private veterinarian market and with oversight over the health and welfare of the production birds.

Management Team

Board of Governors

  •  James Schiltz - President

  •  Robert Valeu - Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer

  •  David Bradley, Ph.D. - Principal Investigator, 

  •  Tom Overbay, D.V.M. - Consultant



  •  James Schiltz 

  •  Robert Valeu 

  •  Darin Meulebroeck, D.V.M.